Different Ways Artists Can Use Lyrics

Often times music lyrics are simply used to create catchy words that people hear. These words are designed to appeal and convince people to buy CDs and attend concerts of a certain artist. There are other reasons, however, that artists choose their lyrics as they do. Lyrics are heard by all of an artist’s audience and can occasionally be beneficial to a cause or an idea. This article will explore the different reasons artists create lyrics in the way that they do.

A common usage of lyrics in this day and age is to critique the current state, or even form, of government in a country. It is quite common for folk of any nationality to be unhappy with their governing powers for one reason or another. In the United States there is much concern over the way the country handles the issues of terrorism, oil, and even immigration in recent days. Rather than coming out publicly with speeches, many artists hide messages of their disgust into their lyrics. Often times people will hear their message more often and more clearly through music than in a boring speech in which people can simply change the channel. A musical group who created these type of lyrics often was Rage Against the Machine, although they have been broken up for quite some time now.

Lyrics can also be used to reminisce about good times or bad times had as a child or teenager. Often times these years are the ones that shape a person and who he or she is going to be when they grow up. So it makes sense that as an adult, many artists feel the need to pay homage to this crucial part of their life. Many of these song’s lyrics focus in on past relationships long forgotten, good times had with best friends, and even sometimes traumatic experiences with abusive or uncaring parents or relatives. Whatever the topic is, being able to sing about their past memories allows artists to release whatever emotion they are feeling.

Of course it would be a mistake to claim all lyrics are meaningful and are made with some ulterior message underneath. Often times artists are simply looking for songs to make them more money and just garble together some nonsense about dancing and making money into a song. While these lyrics certainly do not have any real positive message, most of the time, they are still among the most popular of the youth today. There is no real problem with this, however, as kids shouldn’t be worried about deep meanings at every point of their life. They should be able to feel good about themselves and have fun for no reason when they are young!

Song lyrics are something that almost every genre of music has, and it is important to realize that some songs are made with interior meanings. Without recognizing that a song may mean more than simply the words it displays from the exterior, it is easy to overlook an artist’s true creation and art and to give them less credit than they deserve.

Italian Finest Afro Pop Artist”JAHONZE”

JOSEPH OHONS EHIDIAMHEN artist name Jahonze, was born 1992 in Nigeria at Uromi, Edo State 

Jahonze Started music at early age of 7 as a drummer in the church and later joined the Church choir group. He was later thought with wisdom knowledge and understanding which has brought him to a positive state of life, hands and heart opened to everybody for peace. In 2015 JAHONE officially started his Music career in Italy and released his first single track with More Life Man Liveth Produced by Flavio in Italy. The Song was released with official video. In 2017, Jahonze registered and launched his own record label in Nigeria called (RULESON RECORDS) Which was been managed by MC.Morris. JAHONZE came out with another single titled “WOMAN DEFINED FEAT GEE JAY” and got on AFRICA EU DOPE VIBES TOP 10 CHARTS. In 2018 another single titled “OMOYE” was released The success on OMOYE’s single as a heat track has paved another hope of been offered A proposal from, Contractor Music Group and Amanda records to promote and distribute with various artists’ compilation CD by Tropical HOUSE Cruises to Jamaica. This was hosted by  DJ GRIDUSA officially. Got premiered on BILLBOARD and went up straight on music charts. The chart was Linked up with I.CENT an American popular Hip Hop Artist also with Naija EU MUSIC stars on a song Titled “LIGHT UP NIGERIA” with a video shoot by TTY FILMS and directed by Maurizio, featured Gee Jay on previous Woman Defined single. Jahonze EP Album with 5 tracks has been released.

Italian Finest Afro Pop Artist”JAHONZE”

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Leonardo Muzik


Leonardo Muzik was born Leonardo Latty on the 28th day of February 1986 in the parish of
Clarendon where he resided in the district of Banks.He attended the Race Course Primary
School and then went on to the Garvey Maceo High School where he discovered his love for the
music and started djing and singing in class rooms and vibing with friends also
participating in school concerts etc. After high school he started his musical
journey.currently recording.



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