Beat Makers and Productivity

Are you a productive beat maker? Many of us would hesitate to give an honest answer. For some music producers, completing more than one project a week sounds very unappetizing.

We need constant stimulation of the brain, and sitting down for hours on end to twist knobs and work out harmonic details seems… well, kind of boring, doesn’t it?

Let us look at a few different methods you can use to kick-start your productivity and make better beats in less time.

First of all, if you can find out how long it takes you to produce on beat, write the number down. Now let’s go micro manage the figures we’ve got. If you spend an hour deciding on a drum loop, that is unacceptable! Hit makers should be able to sketch out a rough bear in less than 30 minutes maximum. If you check out YouTube, there are guys making great beats in less than 10 minutes with no preconceived ideas of the music they’re making.

One thing that may help is to cut off your internet. If you’re making music on your computer, then you’re probably guilty of checking your email in the middle of a project. Or going to another favorite website of yours. Well, consider this: if the computer you’re making your beats on was only for music production, would you be more productive? Damn right you would!

For music producers on the go, Apple’s new iPad will help improve productivity when it comes to producing songs. How? Well, one of its most bemoaned lack of features is multi-tasking. You simply cannot open one program while another is open. Which means if you are making a song, you will think twice about going to check your inbox, I guarantee that!

However, other features of the iPad may decrease productivity, such as the smaller screen size. But the limitation of the multi-task feature certainly tells us a lot about how certain exclusions can be good.

Working in the night can also be good for creativity. Many music makers such as Jermaine Dupri often work into the early hours of the morning. Think about it: what else is there to do at 2AM on a Tuesday? You can’t even watch TV because of the ridiculous programming on!

So, there you have it: a few insights into productivity and beat production. Hopefully you can see what is stopping you from being as productive as possible, and make a few adjustments for the good of your music.