Music Mixing Techniques

I recently realized that I did not know the music mixing techniques I thought I did and when I first started music production I learnt the hard way. I searched about for music production tips and music mixing online, during this time I found many opposing ideas that left me even more confused.

I am glad I did learn in the end though as I always thought there was something I was missing. I was right about that of course but I was looking in the wrong area; I thought it was with my song writing ability but the truth was I did know how to produce music. Here are a music mixing tips to consider and help you when you are mixing and recording music.

Write and record before doing any mixing – Before you start mixing make sure that the whole track is recorded (by you or someone else). This is rule number one on how to produce music. You cannot start to mix a track before it is finished as that would be like trying to decorate the insides of a house when the roof is not on yet. If you do start to mix a track before it is has finished being written it will never be finished because when you are writing you need to consider certain things and when mixing you consider different things. These two conflicting priorities will pull you right and left. If you are/have been doing this there is a good chance you are trying to use effects to mask a poorly written song or you need to learn and understand some basic music theory to pave a solid path forward. It is worth mentioning that you could be in need of some extra music production tips if you are having these problems when you do have a finished track

Always fix any problems with what has been recorded at the time of recording – If you are recording something or have been given a track from someone and you can hear that there is a problem somewhere in the track it is very important that this problem is rectified before going into the mixing process. It is important to set solid and clear boundaries between recording and mixing, I would say this is one of the golden rules that sits highly on the music production tips list. If you have just recorded a guitar part and something is not sitting quite right, maybe a note clash or something drops out of time briefly, fix it instantly. Either find a note that does not clash or re-record that specific bar around or in between the rest which works. Do not leaving it till the mix.

Arrange your environment before you start – Before you sit down and start to mix a track it is important to get everything arms reach and make sure you have everything needed out and close to hand. This may not be one of the most helpful music mixing techniques but it is important for concentration. It is no good if you have to keep getting up and going through cupboards looking for specific boxes or needing to use something only to find that you do not have the right cable or batteries.

Another thing to consider is R.S.I, this is very common if you are working on the computer and it is important to make certain adjustments to reduce the chances of this.

Beat Makers and Productivity

Are you a productive beat maker? Many of us would hesitate to give an honest answer. For some music producers, completing more than one project a week sounds very unappetizing.

We need constant stimulation of the brain, and sitting down for hours on end to twist knobs and work out harmonic details seems… well, kind of boring, doesn’t it?

Let us look at a few different methods you can use to kick-start your productivity and make better beats in less time.

First of all, if you can find out how long it takes you to produce on beat, write the number down. Now let’s go micro manage the figures we’ve got. If you spend an hour deciding on a drum loop, that is unacceptable! Hit makers should be able to sketch out a rough bear in less than 30 minutes maximum. If you check out YouTube, there are guys making great beats in less than 10 minutes with no preconceived ideas of the music they’re making.

One thing that may help is to cut off your internet. If you’re making music on your computer, then you’re probably guilty of checking your email in the middle of a project. Or going to another favorite website of yours. Well, consider this: if the computer you’re making your beats on was only for music production, would you be more productive? Damn right you would!

For music producers on the go, Apple’s new iPad will help improve productivity when it comes to producing songs. How? Well, one of its most bemoaned lack of features is multi-tasking. You simply cannot open one program while another is open. Which means if you are making a song, you will think twice about going to check your inbox, I guarantee that!

However, other features of the iPad may decrease productivity, such as the smaller screen size. But the limitation of the multi-task feature certainly tells us a lot about how certain exclusions can be good.

Working in the night can also be good for creativity. Many music makers such as Jermaine Dupri often work into the early hours of the morning. Think about it: what else is there to do at 2AM on a Tuesday? You can’t even watch TV because of the ridiculous programming on!

So, there you have it: a few insights into productivity and beat production. Hopefully you can see what is stopping you from being as productive as possible, and make a few adjustments for the good of your music.



Six Creatively Designed Music Production Logo Designs Crafted by Popular Production Companies

Music is one of the biggest industries in the world with the music production companies being the tycoons of the trade.

But because of the massive opportunities this business is also quite cut throat due to which makes the music production companies must make sure that they use proper branding strategies to promote their corporation.

Below mentioned are a few music production logos that have successfully created a positive image for their corporation.

1. The Music Bakery:
This corporation’s trademark is fashionable and chic. It consists of the company name in simple and straight in black color with a white background. The only factor that adds creativity and imagination in this emblem and relates it to the business name is the letter ‘S’ that is crafted creatively to resemble aroma. The fact that it is crafted in red color makes it even more alluring and attractive.

2. Rotana:
Their company image is a 3 dimensional image that looks futuristic and cool. The company name is type faced in silver colored robotic looking fonts with a bright green and silver ball accompanying the business name. The white background of the monogram makes it clean and compact. It is the bright green color of the ball that makes the entire monogram attractive and appealing.

3. Joyous Shout:
An artistically designed emblem; this trademark is created with a creatively crafted symbol before the company name that doubles as the letter ‘J’ and ‘S’. The symbol has been scripted in two colors which help us make the distinction between the two letters. The business name here is scripted to be straight and simple which depicts professionalism and formality.

4. Firstcom music:
Here, you see half a silhouette of a man wearing headphones with the company name besides it. The business name is scripted in softly curved white colored fonts that make it stand out from the black background and makes it eye catching. Overall, the image is simple and yet imaginative.

5. Sons of sound:
This graphic image has been created using sound waves and a creatively designed letter ‘S’. Here, you can see an image of gray colored sound waves on a white background with a big symbol of S in the middle which is created with gray and black colors. The corporation’s name is written in plain and straight fonts in front of the image.

6. Perfect Mixes:
It is a company that provides recording, publishing and production facilities and their brand mark reflects the same. Here, the production logo is a created in a box with the company name scripted on top and bottom of the square and a close up image of strings of music. The design has been done entirely in black and white colors which makes the image sophisticated and contemporary.

So if you are trying to create your own brand mark for your production company, make sure that you learn how the music tycoons have created theirs.

Advantages To Being A Music Producer

Out of the thousands of people who seek this path, only a hundred have the talent and out of those hundred, only ten might have the motivation and yet out of the ten of them, only one might get the opportunity. Yet a very significant portion of the population aims or at the very least, desires to become a music producer. What can be the reason for such favoritism? What do the masses see in this profession? What are the advantages of being a music producer? Let us take a look below.

Fame- Many a times it has been seen that the producers achieve a level of fame that even the music artists cannot compare to. Fame, recognition, respect – who among us doesn’t long for such levels of appreciation and when these are few of the most acknowledged perks of being a music producer, it is hardly a surprise to see the populace drifting towards the field of music production.
Creativity- Happy is the man who can make a living by his hobby! And when it is your job entailment that calls for the engagement of your creativity and talent, you can hardly get a more rewarding occupation. The music producer can largely make or break an album the same way a director can affect a movie; in fact it is largely up to the producer to make every track in the album sound its best, giving him ample opportunities for showcasing his talent.
Money- They say that money makes the world go round, and while it may appear to be a mercenary approach, it indeed holds true in regards to an individual’s profession and employment opportunities. Keeping to the scenario, the music production business is indeed offering ample opportunities to make big money. In fact, according to the Schools in the USA website, while the estimated salary for an entry-level music producer is just $20,000.00, the average salary of a music producer is an estimated $1.1 million annually. And with this huge amount of money involved in the business of music production, it is hardly surprising that people are driven towards the field like flocks of sheep!
Record Label Opportunity- Another reason people desire to be in this career is that it offers a prime position for those who want to sign, develop and sell recorded products under their own brand. Since new and older talents are constantly passing through the stable of a producer; he or she has the opportunity of making profitable deals with the individuals. Remember that a good producer will also have great contacts within the music business; all of which make signing artist an easier process compared to other individuals who are not on first names terms with the label executives!