William Okeke alias QNG, a German citizen, originally born Nigerian, from
Abia State.
William Okeke studied Computer Science(programming CPA)at University of Calaba in Nigeria, before travelling to Germany.
QNG, with his own Record Label QuestnGodMusic, is a rising artist in popularity in music.
He is a song and poet writer, book author, philosopher, visionary, talent developer, drummer, music composer and many more…
QNG has launched three successfull selling albums:
“HEAVENLY FINEST” with 14 tracks including the hit “TALENTED”
“META4RIC GOD” with 9 tracks including “THE META4RIC GOD CONCERT”, also available as DVD addition.
“WHAT TRUTH” with 9 tracks.
QNG has organised many concerts and participated in several concerts and festivals with M4G, MGE, AUGUST PRAISE and worked with other artists like DJ Hooker, DJ Bleed, DJ Homeboy, Olly DJ SPO, DJ RUFFY, San John, MGE, Da Cruz, etc.

QNG has participated in creating songs with international artists like
Kayne West, “LOVE LOCKDOWN”,
Green Day, “Wake Me Up When September Ends”
There are also TV interviews and presentations to be viewed on : Tide TV Hamburg
QNG’s music style, which is best known as Gospel Contemporary Music, is a quite young music genre.
Looking through his private life as a Cheerful Loving Father, happily married with many Children, this has been a great blessing from God to QNG as a multitalented Artist during his Musical carrier.
QNG, is also in support of the movement of a new film Premier Father Effect by JOHN FINCH.

Jesse Kolb

The rapper and composer Jesse Kolb (who is also known as “JL”) is heading courageously towards the charts with his new album “Project Road Trip” (PRT). New music videos “Keep fighting for hip hop”, “Y’all don’t hear me”, It’s about to go down and Chemistry” was released on Apr. 11, 2017.
The artist “JL” has built his foundation on a broad spectrum.
“JL” was born in Mannheim (Germany) and grew up there until he moved to the United States at the age of eight. As a child, “JL” inspired many with his gift of written and spoken poetry, even though he struggled with writing.
His teachers, however, allowed him to submit poems in replace of essays. The teachers were impressed by his poems and then hung them up in the classroom so that all the students could read them. It was not until he was 18 years old that the producer Ron Pearson could take him under his wing, who then taught him how to rap.
“JL” has performed not only throughout California and Las Vegas (NV) but has also played throughout Missouri. He brought out the band “DHC” (Divers Hustlers’ Committee), which promoted Afro-American artists by performing their rap music in predominantly whites inhabited communities. “JL” also brought out the band “United We Stand”, which opened the door for many rap artists and singers, performing as opening acts.
In 2010
“JL” teamed up with “Lil Wayne”, “United We Stand” and “jminista Graphic King” for “Be Me”. For two years, this song topped the club charts in the U.S. and all that being un-signed at that time.

His life is paved with many hardships and triumphs; from the lowest depths to the highest heights, “JL” was able to get to know both sides of the spectrum – in Germany as well as in the U.S… His music depicts his story in the real form. He has been compared to some of the best contemporary artists, such as: “Common”, “J. Cole” and “Eminem”. However, with his German “Swag” he is alone on the playing field.
“JL” has been inspired by the greatest of hip-hop, including “Jay Z” and “The Notorious B.I.G.” and hopes to collaborate with “Jay Z” himself one day.
In 1998 “JL” was able to grace a stage, which was in front of a crowd of 3,000 spectators in Germany. With this attention, he was given the opportunity to perform as a pre-band for many renowned artists. Among them were “D4L”, “Waka Flocka Flame”, “Bone Thugs-N-Harmony” (at the “United We Stand” show in 2010), “Ray J”, “J. Holiday”, ” Soulja Boy”, “Yo Gotti”, “Murphy Lee” and “Nelly”.
Now “JL” stands on his foundation in order to step further determinedly
“JL” has released eight mix tapes: “Circle of My Life”, “Circle of My Life Pt. 2”, “Two Worlds Collide”, “The Truth Is Here”, “A Hustler’s Proof”, “Grind time”, “50/50”, “8th Day” and his latest release, “6 Steps to Fame”.
In the year 2016, he participated in “The Voice of Germany” and presented the song “Encore” by “Jay Z” in a nice way.
“JL” is a professional in constructing and dissecting each beat so that it fits perfectly with all other parts of a song. He is adamant to identify himself as an artist and not just as a rapper or a composer. “JL” defines rap as a rhythm plus poetry because it reveals the creativity that was invested in composing a song. Embracing the God-given gift of being able to motivate others by his words, he began his pursuit as an artist and could finally appear in the whole of Europe and in the U.S.A…
“JL” regularly performs as a rapper and MC with “Snap!” the cult band from the 90s. In April 2015, he and “Snap!” were able to perform to more than 25,000 people in Moscow (Russia). He currently concentrates all his energy and attention on his “Project Road Trip” (PRT VOL1), which he created from the ground up and decisively forms together with artists from “The Voice of Germany” Some facts about rap.
Rap (rhythm and poetry) is historically based on West African Griots and on the Jamaican genre of toasting and came up after 1970 in Afro-American communities throughout the U.S.A.. Since then it has been spread also to other parts of the world, including Germany.
Germany, for instance a traditional dimension was basically lost and present German rappers are just on the verge of creating their own rap culture. Though staying connected to the roots of rap would be wise by any rapper throughout the world.
Links to “JL”


Website: http://jesseakajl.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jesseakajl/
Music video “Chemistry”: https://youtu.be/GKztBgYq1K4/
German article: http://ammiratus.review/2017/06/01/jesse-kolb-aka-jl-von-der-kunst-des-rappens/
Photo: http://ammiratus.review/press-release/2017/06/Jesse-Kolb-JL-Rapper-Composer-Artist.jpg
Thanks for reading this article about, Jesse Kolb aka “JL”: of the Art of Rapping.

Kido Albino

 MixBiz Radio ran into Mr. Albino about a year ago and has supported his music every since. His music has this hustle feel that pulls that street element like the grit from which it came. When you get a chance make sure you tune in to that Mavin Muzik production, while it’s competing with some of the best out there. AirTime Digital was finally able to catch up with MMC Entertainment for a quick interview.


 We like to ask artist these questions to give the fans an outlook on their influence’s.

Who are your music influences?


 My muisc influence is bum b pimp C 8ball mjg nas biggie pac was my influence also my brother Cody he pass away also…


What hip-hop albums did you grow up listening to?

 Alumbs well wutang 36 chambers outcast stankiona alumb space age pimping 8ball mjg Nas all his alumbs.


Do you think people listen more for the beat or for the lyrics?, why?

 People listen to the Beats, the Lyrics are basically being recycling by artists. Hip-Hop changed for the beats, it’s more important sad but true.


What do you plan to do if you make it big?

 If I make it in industry ima give back to Orlando help lot of Homeless people also I’m going to start a foundation for people fighting addiction and alcohol disease.


 It’s been real getting to know that you are a real humanitarian. Keep grindin Mr. Albino because you team is paving it’s own way.


Thank you for having me Go veiw all my muisc on available on Datpiff.com ready for download 551 volume one volume 2551 available.

More From MMC Entertainment

Coraezy Hitz

Born and raised between Columbus and Pataskala, Ohio, Coraezy Hitz, Corae Benson, 26, has been known for his skill to create diverse and lyrically creative tracks. He originally started as a drummer/studio engineer at the age of 12 and discovered his love for creating music. As a freshman in high school he managed to build a quality studio of his own and began selling and giving away his mixtapes to his peers and public.

 We always checkout artist and some of them really go above and beyond on every track. At a time like this in music that’s what artist have to do build a fan base. It’s evident you create without limits.
Who are your music influences?
Coraezy Hitz
My music influences are Tech N9ne, Krizz Kaliko, Rittz, Ces Cru, Pac Div, Diz Gibran, Iamsu, J Cole, Kendrick Lamar, Biggie, Crooked Eye, Eminem and HS87 just to name a few. These artist captured my attention because of there delivery, rhythm and vocabulary. The combination of the 3 to me, is like aggressive Jazz in hip-hop form. Listening to these artist truly helped me grow into the artist I am today.
 We can see that base on the lyrical flow.
What hip-hop albums did you grow up listening to?
Coraezy Hitz
I grew up listening to Kiss of Death by Jadakiss, Word of Mouf by Ludacris, The Black Album by Jay-z and The Marshall Mathers LP by Eminem. Honestly, I grew up in the “Limewire” era as well, so albums weren’t first choice. And YouTube was beginning to take off, so I ended up watching a ton of Rap Battles and listening to singles from the 90’s and the Underground as well.
 Yes, The 90’s really had a good core of music in all genres. That’s when the labels could take art like yours to another level.
What’s your real passion behind the music?
Coraezy Hitz
My real passion behind the music is simply from me being infatuated with music in general. My mother is a gospel pianist and my father is obsessed with speakers and stereo sound systems. Combine the 2, and you get me. Me and a ton of passion. My dad always loved Hip Hop and Funk music and my mom always loved R&B/Gospel so I listened to the best of both. We spent countless hours listening to music instead of watching our TV. When I was 12, me and my father built a cheap home studio in my room. We collected old wood speakers and church mic’s. We bought a cheap mix board from Sam Ash, and Plugged everything into a desktop computer with cheap recording software. From that point on, I never stopped. And over the years, the passion that I was born with, kept growing.
 I see, We can tell based on your ability to play instruments.
Do you think people listen more for the beat or for the lyrics?, why?
Coraezy Hitz
The answer to that question would depend on if we’re referring to listeners today, or listeners that’s existed through years of multiple waves and hip hop trends. Listeners today, in my opinion, seem to have more concern with the instrumental rather than listening to the song in its entirety. Not taking into consideration the lyrics, delivery and instrumental. We’re living in a time of transformation in Hip Hop itself. I feel like because of these listeners, Hip Hop is getting “watered down”. The “bar” has been lowered when it comes to having logic and authenticity in your music. When I was young, even if you had good instrumentals but you were lacking lyrically, you weren’t going to last. At the time, we had shows like “Rap City The Basement” that would weed out the strong from the weak. Nowadays, rappers rarely want to rap 16 bars. 
 That is true the method has changed those artist that can drive the song with all the elements will be the artist that excel. 
What do you plan to do if you make it big?
Coraezy Hitz
I plan to tap into people’s conscience and bring back awareness for quality lyrics and authentic Hip hop in general. I plan to Brand myself and start a business to support my family.
 We enjoy listening to your music because within the bars there is message.
 Thanks for taking the time to let us know why your tracks are so dope.