Hip-Hop Cover Competition

Hip-Hop Cover Competition

So, briefly:

We are holding Hip-Hop cover competition “Be My Voice2″ This is Hip-Hop ”

There are no special requirements for participants: music lovers, hip-hop lovers

We will provide 3 songs for your choice
You can find beats and more details here http://www.diocian.com/bmv2-1

Competition rewards: Money reward, album * release, MV production and more.

* We do digital album releases and process distribution through our retailers in Japan, Korea and USA (I can send you list of retailers if you are curious)

It’s a Music Network Service
You can also create your own music and music distribution contracts with us and we will release your digital albums and distribute them through our retailers in Japan, South Korea and US.
(This short video explains about our service:
In addition,
If you make beats, you can sell them through our website. (Of course there is a sound cloud and other similar platforms for this purpose, however, if you have an interest in entering Asian markets you better try DIOCIAN)


Have a great week and, please, feel free to ask me any questions ^^

Best regards,