Today we will be introducing F.Y.I. to the ImixFM network. This artist currently has a lot press out there and is well established with multiple tracks that have that CA hip hop feel. As we roll this interview allow F.Y.I. to show why he is one of the artist that should be apart of your daily playlist. 

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Who are your music influences?


 It’s a wide range but definitely Michael Jackson for the entertainment and showmanship, James Brown and Curtis Mayfield because of the soul and blackness in the music and when I comes to hip-hop it’s a lot of cats but namely NaS, Common, OutKast, Q-Tip and Ceelo-Green.

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That’s a very impressive list of artist and all of them have no problem with stepping outside the box to give a really good show to the fans.

What hip-hop albums did you grow up listening to?


Every OutKast album, but especially ATLiens and Aquemeni. Souls Of Mischief 93’ Till Infinity. The Roots Things Fall Apart. A Tribe Called Quest Midnight Marauders. Common Like Water For Chocolate.

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I also grew up listening to some of the above artist I really like that with everything going on in that time period they were able to provide a positive message. 

What’s your real passion behind the music?


To inspire people through the music and challenge folks to think about life in different ways, and finally connect with them through my performances in a personal way by allowing the music to speak for me.

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Impressive, We notice the artistic feel in the videos that goes back to the above showmen. We can see that you put a lot into sending a message to the listener on the audio and visual side.

 Do you think people listen more for the beat or for the lyrics?, why?


I think it depends on who you speak to and where the person falls on the spectrum of the culture. For a surface level fan it’s probably the beat of a record and the emotion the record gives them. For a person that’s really involved in the culture, it’s probably a little bit of both.  For an artist like myself, I gravitated towards lyrics and what the song was about.


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You just heard it from F.Y.I we have been honored to bring your music to our network. We want the readers to take time to view the added videos so you can see how they do it in the City of Angels.

F.Y.I. – These The Times (Official Music Video)

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Video Link:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcGHajtiXs1fzGNtt8seh1A

Social URL’S: Herecember 20NOW Spotify Pre-Save link
Twitter [@fyipsalms] | Twitter [@illmindproducer] | Facebook | Instagram

Release Date: Nov 30

Label Name: F.Y.I.

Purchase Link: Herecember 20NOW Spotify Pre-Save link

Favorite Radio Stations: @mixxbiz @itsstream

Website: fyipsalms.com

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